Build a Muscular Physique, Impressive Strength and Unstoppable Conditioning  
Let's face it, we all want to get jacked.

The problem is, if you don't know what you're doing, you MIGHT build muscle but you end up with the work capacity of a Koala bear.

If you've tried lots of different training and nutrition plans but you still feel a million miles from the physique and fitness you want, then you've simply been doing the wrong stuff.

That's not your fault but using the same methods and hoping they will magically start working is going to get you nowhere.

Being a beginner is easy and pretty much everything done with consistency and effort will get some results.

However, if you want to put on noticeable amounts of muscle, build raw strength and have the fitness levels to back it all up, you need to get a few things right.

I first tested these methods on myself and moved from 89kg to 99kg in 12 weeks.

Now I want to take you through the exact same program design system...
  •  Neuro type: I will profile you for indications of dominant brain chemicals which determine the type of training, volume, session frequency and nutrition protocols that you will react to best. Getting this wrong is why most people stutter with their progressive and don't get the results they deserve for their efforts.
  • Body type: As a lean, hard gainer, doing the same workout as your short, stocky friend will not generate great results for both of you. One or both will be left frustrated at little progress. This also helps determine the most appropriate nutrition which is critical for building muscle, maintaining low body fat and keeping energy levels up for intense training.
  •  Lifestyle match: I'm not going to tell you to train 6 days a week if you simply don't have the time. If you play sport or you're having a stressful time, some methods will click and others will make the situation worse, potentially taking you backwards.
  •  Training Chemistry: Training for strength, conditioning and muscle is hard to get right and can cause conflict if you don't know how to structure a week. Your program will be designed like a well baked cake with everything done in the right order and in the right amounts so that sessions complement each other.
You Will Get The Best Results You've Ever Seen
I've been training successful, ambitious clients, athletes and sports teams for 12 years.

These people demand results or they will walk, and I expect you to want the same progress.

I've also been relentlessly taking on personal challenges and figuring out how to not be a "lanky streak of piss" (my Grandad's words, rest his soul!)

I decided I didn't want to give up limited time, money and energy to look like the average person on the street!

I wanted to be strong after being pushed around a football pitch too many times.

I wanted to get noticed after being let down gently (and brutally) too many times.

I wanted to be one of the guys people looked at instead of disappearing from view when I walked past a lamp post!
Steve Did It After Years Of Trying Typical Bodybuilding Advice...
Be confident when girls come knocking

Make your performance stand out in the gym and any other challenges you want to smash off your bucket list

Feel like a boss whether you're in a sharp suit or dancing your naked ass around your living room with your girlfriend

For just £97 per month (Minimum 3 month term)
Get Your Own Detailed Program And Crush Every Gym Session
  • Step 1: After receiving your first payment, I will send you a Neurotyping 'True or False' Questionnaire and a Consultation Form for details about lifestyle, goals, experience, history and stress status.
  • Step 2: I will review your forms as fast as humanly possible and get back to you with confirmation of your coaching slot or to ask for more details on any areas I feel need more information to tailor your coaching program.
  • Step 3: I will design Phase 1 of your training and nutrition protocols within 7 days and confirm all the details with you.
  •  Step 4: You will start the program and send me a weekly feedback email. You will also have my WhatsApp for texting or voice message in case you need immediate help in the gym or with nutrition.
  •  Ongoing: Every four weeks you will receive the next phase of training determined by progress towards goals, feedback and discussion between us.
Four Week Phases With Laser-Focused Targets
I require all coaching clients to sign up for a minimum of three months because it gives us enough time to really get to know what works best for you and deliver some epic results.

Most clients stay on much longer so that they can really maximise their results and see what they're capable of.

(If your intention is to just stop training after 4-6 weeks and 'have a break' then you're not the right kind of person for this program, sorry!)

Each training phase is four weeks designed with a specific goal and part of progressive periodization towards your 'big picture' goal.

Month 1 builds into Month 2 which builds into Month 3 and so on until you don't recognise where you started.

Your big picture goal may be a holiday in 12 weeks, a photo shoot next Christmas or your wedding in a year's time so the full length of each program is down to discussion between us.
Matt Stacked On 10kg In 4 Months...
What Do I Get In a Training Phase?
  •  Complete training week design with every single session done for you. Your schedule and training session frequency will be determined in the consultation process so there is no set program template
  •  All exercises, sets, reps, rest breaks, lifting tempo and special exercise instructions clearly laid out
  •  If anything is not 100% clear you can contact me and will get an answer in 24 hours at the very latest (usually much faster depending on time zones)
  •  Combinations of power development, maximum strength, strength speed, tension training, conditioning, mechanical drop sets, weight drop sets, cluster sets, pre and post fatigue pairings, cheat to strict supersets...if it makes you stronger and builds muscle, you'll see it in your program!
  •  Adaptations on a weekly basis in the event of special requirements to accelerate progress
  •  Nutrition plan designed according to body type, training schedule, goals and level of commitment to calorie counting etc.
  •  Personalised carb and calorie cycling approach so you can train hard, maximise strength, pack on muscle and keep body fat down suited to your life outside the gym
  •  An open, honest and private coaching relationship so that we can navigate through life's curveballs and make sure you keep progressing in any tough times and really accelerate in the purple patches!
Sean Saw Huge Changes in 12 Weeks (And Got A Haircut)
I've Figured Out How We Can Transform Your Physique and See Real World Performance Improvements
Your program will be structured to ensure that you build a muscular physique AND develop all areas of your strength and power starting from wherever you are at right now.

This means you become much more athletic as well as looking great to anyone with a pair of eyeballs.

Each phase will develop on the last so that you build a complete set of physical abilities instead of just gaining size without the ability to actually use it for anything useful!
No 'Fake Gains'!
Small Print Stuff...
  •  You will be asked to train a minimum of three times per week, usually four. If you have time, this may be expanded to six sessions
  •  You will need membership at a well-equipped gym. Ideally you will have access to a lifting area, squat rack, dumbbells and a range of fixed machines. Should your gym not have a certain piece of equipment, alternatives will be given
  •  Each training session will last 60-90 minutes determined by your time availability and program requirements
  •  If you have certain movement restrictions you may be required to do extra mobility and flexibility work in order to get the most out of your strength training
  •  Nutrition is a key part and you should be prepared to make changes to your diet, ideally preparing most of your own food or using a meal prep service if you like. Neither fat loss or muscle gain can be achieved to any significant level without commitment to nutrition as well as training
  •   You will be billed monthly for a minimum of three months and until you give one month's notice
Don't Look Back In a Year And Regret All The Progress You Could Have Made From Today...
For just £97 per month (Minimum 3 month term)
Get your application in and let's start moving...
Jon Le Tocq
P.S. : Once I know you're serious about this, I will go all in.

After receiving your application forms, I will review them within 24 business hours and get back to you to confirm all is okay, or to get some more details so that no stone is unturned!

After that, you will receive your program within 7 days (usually much sooner) and then we will go full steam ahead towards your goals.
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